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Given the figure as it begins to break the surface of the water, Pink Top Emerging almost assumes a devotional sense, as the outstretched arms an aura of light that surrounds this swimmer makes her seem almost saintly. Her firmly shut eyelids and backward-tilted head accentuate the sense that she is to be revered, and yet at the same time she is an anonymous every-woman swimming in the pool.


Pink Top Emerging


    60 x 40 x 1.65 inches 

    152 x 102 x 4.2 cm


    • this is one of an edition of only 12 prints on aluminum

    • beautiful wood cradled backing

    • arrives at your door ready to hang

    • white-glove delivery in about two weeks

    • insured shipping included in price

    • same size as original oil painting

    • signed certificate of authenticity

    • artist's signature on back


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    View this print on canvas

    View this print on paper

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