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Incorporating the prop of the inflatable tube, Story reveals in Pink Tube Curtsy that his talent in capturing the play of light knows no bounds. The figure is here made somewhat abstract in that her buoyant float obscured her upper body, and yet this buoyancy has afforded an even more pristine reflection to explore.

Pink Tube Curtsy


    20 x 30 x 1.65 inches 

    51 x 76 x 4.2 cm


    • this is one of an edition of only 12 prints on aluminum

    • beautiful wood cradled backing

    • arrives at your door ready to hang

    • white-glove delivery in about two weeks

    • insured shipping included in price

    • same size as original oil painting

    • signed certificate of authenticity

    • artist's signature on back


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    View this print on canvas

    View this print on paper

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