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Situating the vibrant figure of a orange swimsuit-clad swimmer against a deep, mysterious, and murky background, Orange Angle Out puts Story’s tenebristic intensity on center stage. The echo of the curved figure that manifests in the reflection on the surface of the water also reinforces Story’s ability to play with reality and illusion in his compositions.

Orange Angle Out


    60 x 40 x 1.5 inches 

    152 x 102 x 3.8 cm


    • this is one of an edition of only 14 like this 

    • archival print on linen canvas

    • deep 1-1/2" gallery wrap for a clean, modern look

    • arrives at your door ready to hang

    • white-glove delivery in about two weeks

    • insured shipping included in price

    • about the same size as original oil painting

    • certificate of authenticity included

    • artist's original signature on side of frame 


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    View this print on metal

    View this print on paper

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