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Juxtaposing the limp, floating figure with the vibrant pop of a neon pink swimsuit, Pink Flight Afloat captures a fleeting moment of idyllic repose. As this woman slowly descends beneath the rippling water surface, the viewer can almost sense the slow disconnect from reality that we all enjoy when submerging underwater.


Pink Flight Afloat


    60 x 40 x 1.65 inches 

    152 x 102 x 4.2 cm


    • this is one of an edition of only 12 prints on aluminum

    • beautiful wood cradled backing

    • arrives at your door ready to hang

    • white-glove delivery in about two weeks

    • insured shipping included in price

    • same size as original oil painting

    • signed certificate of authenticity

    • artist's signature on back


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    View this print on canvas

    View this print on paper

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