Photo Shoot in New Orleans

Thanks to Elizabeth Dondis for arranging an outstanding location at an uptown mansion in New Orleans for a challenging photo shoot. Again with the outstanding photographer, Paul Andrew Dunker, we shot for 4 hours with two models in 45 degree weather! The water was warmer (but it didn't feel like it was by much). Special thanks also to Monique Morvant, Summer Munn, Marielle Singy and Danti for their assistance.

Mardi Gras

Wow what a worldwind of change lately. I've just finished a flurry of large commissions and all this during the process of moving my studio to New Orleans. AND TODAY IS MARDI GRAS! But I've put I'm just about back up to speed and even have a photo shoot set up late this week. And still managed to squeeze out this painting, "Autumn Rollback", started in New Mexico and now finished in New Orleans. Its unusual for me: I tried to leave it less perfectly refined and let the strength of the image be "the thing."

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