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Review in Creators Project

Here's a great article reviewing the RLS show by Beckett Mufsonin TheCreatorsProject.

Recalling both idyllic summer days at the pool, New York-based painter Matt Story captures many facets of the underwater world with an eerie accuracy just shy of hyperrealism in his new show at Robert Lange Studios, Water. The collection depicts women in mid-stroke, dive, or glidding beneath the surface of swimming pools and ocean waves. At a glance, Story's images could be photographs, but closer inspection reveals their painterly nature.

"I love painting images that seem at once abstract and photorealistic," he tells The Creators Project, elegantly summarizing the paradox of his captivating works. "I get this in the underwater environment, the distortions, the prismatic colors and strange depths of field. It’s as endlessly complex and fascinating to me as his water gardens were to Monet or the human mass was to Rodin. Every painting is shockingly new to me, and not just because of my early onset dementia," he jokes.

Read the rest of this interview at the Creator's Project...

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