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Homage at the Vendue

If you've seen my original work up close, its no surprise that I've been deeply influenced by classical masters, many of them quattrocento painters. As a very young man I was magnetically drawn to the chiaroscuro of Caravaggio's work in particular. And next month that influence is made explicit in an exhibition at The Vendue in Charleston entitled Homage.

I've spoken more about Caravaggio's influence in a prior blog post and still find his work incredibly powerful. While I use modern materials, I use virtually the same painting methods, tools and technique as he did over 500 years ago. Through all the intervening years, nothing has really supplanted the subtle transparent rendering of linseed oil and ground organic pigments rubbed on a two-dimensional surface with hairy ended sticks.

The Vendue Art Hotel is a captivating place and this exhibition will run from April through September of 2017.

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